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Self-Storage Units: Fit to hold Your Items for When You’re Moving

Shifting your life around and moving from one living space to another can be a stressful yet exciting time in your life. Having a storage unit can play a crucial part as you cruise through this transitional period. At Auto Road Self Storage, we are happy to help customers from this great Salmon Arm community with their storage needs, no matter what their living situation is at the moment. Whether you’re moving away, de-cluttering, or downsizing, our self-storage units can help ease your mind. 


We have a variety of self-storage options whether you’re looking for residential or commercial units; we have the storage space available for you from 10 to 20 dollars cheaper per unit. Finding storage-solutions to keep your household items safe while you’re moving doesn’t have to require you and your family to fork out a lot of money, and you shouldn’t have to take your chances by storing your belongings outdoors or in a low quality garage. We make it worth your while by also offering carts, dollies or a helping hand, free of charge. Our team believes in helping the community with their storage needs.

De-clutter Your Life

Choosing a self-storage to prevent your valuable items and equipment from pests and extreme exposures to weather that can destroy them, is something to bear in mind when de-cluttering your home. We have units so that you can either temporarily or permanently stock your household items while you clean out your home. We all have a tendency to end up hoarding a lot of items and sometimes you come across things that you don’t want to throw away but yet prefer to not keep back at home. In this case, our self-storage units can offer a solution. You can clear your home but also still have access to your belongings as often as you would like. We offer a helping hand as well as moving and packing supplies for your de-cluttering needs. For more information don’t hesitate to get in contact with us!

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