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We Are British Columbia’s Source for Indoor Units

At Auto Road Self Storage, we are always looking out for our customer’s best interest, which is why we offer dry and safe indoor units in British Columbia. Renting a storage unit is an investment that will help keep you worry-free and stress-free for when you decide to move, travel or retire. We want to offer you peace of mind knowing that you invested your money on a storage unit that is worth it. We understand that your valuables are important to you and we want to provide you with convenient indoor units where you can store safely any documents or fragile home furniture and goods. Our indoor climate-controlled units allow you to have a dry and pest free environment in which to store your items in and not let them get ruined. They also provide better security for your valuable possessions; you can be rest assured that security is one of our priorities. Nothing will destroy your precious belongings more quickly than exposing them to the elements. With our indoor units, they can prevent your items from being exposed to the cold, heat, rain or wind especially with our secure roll up doors, and smooth concrete floors. Water is the one element that can cause the most damage to your things which is why it’s important for you to choose our self-storage indoor units. We will make sure your items are safe and dry even when there is a flood.

Drive into Our Mobile Storage Units

We provide a shelter for your vehicle

Outdoor Units: Your Answer For Storing Larger Items

When searching for a storage unit it’s important for British Columbians to decide whether an outdoor or an indoor storage is best for them. Our outdoor storage units have many perks. They are affordable, easy to access and larger in size which allows you to store bigger items like furniture, appliances, or vehicles. We ensure that your storage units are accessible 24/7 so you can come and move your items whenever you need to. The quick and easy access that outdoor units provide, makes it practical for heavy and larger items to be stored, especially if you’re moving to a new home or you need to store large items from your business, such as desks or filing cabinets. Either way, we provide outdoor units that are secure and clean, giving you peace of mind knowing that your larger items are being fully protected.


Come to Auto Road Self Storage and rent an outdoor unit before any further damage occurs to your valuables. You can give us a call to ask any questions about our rates or about our storage units.

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